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We do not breed or sell our dogs for any illegal purposes.  If this is your intention,  LEAVE THIS SITE NOW!

Be Responsible!

We encourage and support all Pit owners to be responsible.  If you are a responsible Pit owner, please feel free to wear our Gold badge on your personal website.

Another Responsible Pit Owner!

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Blue Nose Pitz...

Is a small kennel in the American Midwest. We strive to breed and produce the highest quality American pit bull terriers/American bullies we possibly can.  Dogs produced at are short and compact with maximum head size.

Our lifetime goal is to do our part to preserve/create our own version of the show quality apbt/American bully.

This is a very beautiful, sweet temperamented, and loyal breed that does not deserve the bad rep it has received. Join us in making a good name for the apbt/American bully.

We ask that you make responsible decisions and purchase your next pup(s) from a reputable breeder like Make sure your dog is healthy at all times, and never use your dog(s) for any illegal purposes at any time under any circumstances.

By following these simple requests, you can be happy and confident that you own one of the most beautiful looking dogs on the planet! We hope you enjoy our site.

We are not a puppy mill and will only produce 1 - 3 litters per year.

We believe in priceless quality not cheap quantity.

Our pups are clean, correct, and very Bully..!

We breed for Temperament, Health, and Conformation.


Our Dogs...

meet the ABKC standards and are/in the process of being triple registered and dna profiled for breeding/record keeping purposes. attends and competes in ABKC sanctioned events and also fully supports the efforts of the ABKC in the fight against BSL.

UKC - Honor To Whom Honor Is Due  UKC - DNA ProfiledAmerican Bully Kennel Club


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We recommend NuVet products for the full course of you pet's life!

We recommend NuVet products for the full course of you pet's life..!

No Fighting Please!

Praise God In All We Do..!

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Champions are Made not Born!

Any Idiot can breed two dogs together, but it takes a Genius to create a successful bloodline..!


Beware of internet breeders/puppy mills!  The only way to stop these types of breeders is not to buy their dogs.  Ask questions and if anything sounds fishy don't buy from them.

Beware of scammers!   There may be some people claiming to be  If you are not buying your puppy directly from this website, you are being scammed.

Kingdom Kennels has joined the breeding camp and are dedicated to the promotion and rise of the BNP bloodline.... As the only endorsed kennel we encourage everyone to check out the kingdom kennels website to see shining examples of the BNP bloodline as well as endorsed breedings....

Thank you and congrats to David at Kingdom Kennels for representing the BNP bloodline to the fullest; achieving a 1st place win for BNP'Z Goldrush as well as a 2nd place win for BNP'z Blue Diamond at the midwest bully show

Visit:  kingdom kennels